From our Patreon page on 1st October 2018 Update / 5th level boss update progress

So here's last week's progress. The torso for the 5th level boss update progress based on our concept done awhile back. The torso done in zbrush isn't final but the idea is to spend one day per body part and then refine it so all the parts seem as one. But I am expecting I might have to spend more than a day per part depending on the complexity.

Technically the 2nd boss that players will meet when the game comes out. Previously, thought this would be the 3rd boss you meet, Last week, I was also planning out the story structure. In terms of story structure, Act I is done, Act II is half way done and Act III needs a lot of work. Script and story structure are two different things. Script is the detail in the story and story structure is the meat of the story, what is the general direction or the grand plan. This helps so we don't get lost thinking about the detail later on. I would like to share the current story but I know a lot of people don't like spoilers; so you guys got to wait. That said, it does suck as I have to restrain myself from telling as well. But I do want people to get the big surprise for certain things that will hopefully be worth the wait.

Concept art 01 for 5th level boss Concept art 02 for 5th level boss