And the finish

When Passion Dies - Part 4 - A New Enemy

Behind the green cloud of poison

Another follows

As a red menace approaches the shore

From this cloud a new enemy joins the fight


Blood drips from their clawed hands

Mouths are sewn shut

Muffled screams could be heard

As these red skinned monsters

Drag the oppressed behind them

With spiked chains wrapped around their throats


Among these I find the willing slaves

I watch the Humans

I watch the Orcs

As they willing silence the oppressed

In exchange for a green paper

Painted crimson with blood



Rise up and fight them


I call to these Humans

These Orcs


My thoughts become crimson clouds

Of anger

Before turning to clear clouds

Of purpose


I shout

I will not forgive

I will not forget

I will not wash my hands of this


My purpose becomes clear as battle resumes

I shall eviscerate my enemies with the might of my pen

With written word I shall fight back


The fight will be long

The fight will be tough

But, with hope in my heart

I will add my voice to the growing chorus

To save this video game industry

Before it is destroyed

By the poisoned cloud

Called corporate greed

And the red menace 

That threatens to silence

Our creative freedoms