Lets keep going

When Passion Dies - Part 3 - Hope

The poison claws near my face

I can feel decaying breath

Touch my cheeks as the skin

Starts to wither


My anger rises

My hatred rises

My passion turns to fury


No, I cry

My passion never died

It has just taken a new form


Around me flowers bloom

As a beam of devastating energy

Turns this crowd that surrounds me

Into dust


I look up to see a frame

Made for war



It says


Stand and fight back

Stand and remember those

That restored your hope


I stand as a silent figure

With long white hair

And a wolf pendant

Helps me up

As his other hand 

Is ready to wield a spell


A dark energy flashes

As a bow of purple energy

Is held by a cloaked figure


I remember my time as a Guardian

Freed from the demon’s called Activision

With hope that this poisoned cloud will not take them

I remember my time in Eorzea 

As I wielded my Samurai’s blade

To fight back against Eorzea’s enemies


And I remember

My time as a Tenno

I remember the Second Dream

As I find my hope restored