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When Passion Dies - Part 2 - Mayhem of Battle

This poisoned cloud

Lands on this serene shore

Creatures leave the cloud

As the ground dies beneath their steps

The poison drips from their claws

Their fangs are shown as they are wrapped

In a decaying green paper


Releasing the air

Buried deep within my lungs

I sound my battle cry


I strike

I cut

I slash

I speak my words

Their power unleashing 

Lashing lighting

And searing flames


Chaos rings

As the sand becomes choked

With crimson and green paint

Spilled by the fighting warriors


I watch as my hope

Begins to fade

My passion for this world

For this video game industry

Begins to die

As it is grounded into a fine sand


Daggers pierce my skin

And my heart

As the Dragonborn warriors

As the wanderers fall

Followed by the Orcs

And Humans


Not like this 

I cry out


There is still hope

It still exists


But that hope starts to die

As this army

Born from the poisoned cloud

Of corporate greed

Marches on us remaining few