Time for a poem in four parts. I wrote this during Blizzcon of 2019. Enjoy!

When Passion Dies - Part 1 - Threatened Shores

On this shore I sit 

As a green cloud of poison

Slowly approaches


Wind blows past me 

Causing the sand to take flight

In my hands sits my book

That tells so many stories

Of the characters I played

In these virtual worlds


I open the pages as the waves crash 

Against the rocks in a futile effort

To dislodge them from their home


Once I was a hunter

Young, naive

Not yet poisoned by war


I stood proudly with the Horde

As expansions took me from battlefield

To battlefield

Now that pride has turned to forgotten memories


I was once a Demon Hunter

Crossbows at the ready 

I relished the fight

As hordes of Demons 

Were slaughtered for threatening Sanctuary

As well as for what I hoped

Would be sweet loot


I once stood as Hero

I readied my shield 

I stood as the tip of the spear

And the shield that would protect my team

Now, the passion to heal

The passion to tank

Has all but left me

As Overwatch can no longer 

Hold my interest


I close the book to stand

I draw my sword readying myself

For the fight ahead

Against this poisonous cloud 

Called corporate greed