Censorship, psyops and the Future
-Author Brenden Dilley

4 accounts deleted in one year. A record even for me. Oddly, prior to 2018 I had never been permanently suspended from any website or social media platform.

That all changed after I not only supported President Trump but also took it upon myself to DEFEND President Trump every single time I saw the media and left spreading fake news about him. As an American and Trump voter it felt like my civic duty to defend this man, especially given the sacrifices he and his family had made for all of us. I wanted to give back, but you can only donate so much. 

My original account had 135k loyal followers and was 10 years old. I've always been controversial and outspoken but in those 10 years I had never been suspended or even received w warning. Not until I began defending my President.

The problems that Twitter in particular have with me are numerous...
  1. I'm a Twitter Expert. I know how to build an audience fast and tend to attract the smartest and most influential accounts.
  2. I'm a writer. Knowing how to communicate complicated content into bite size succint points has always been a strength for me. That strength just so happens to be the way Twitter is set up.
  3. I'm funny. Humor allows for people to put down their guard, open their mind and consider new ideas. It's also a great way to go viral and grow a business.
  4. I'm trusted. I'm an old school honest asshole, which means that I'm going to tell the truth no matter who it hurts, including myself.
  5. I'm consistent. If the sun is rising, I'm tweeting and doing The Dilley Show. Monday-Friday every week for YEARS. This consistency is what has earned me the respect and loyalty of a passionate fan base.
  6. I'm effective at changing minds. I teach. All day long, it's all I do, whether it's life coaching, doing my show, tweeting or parenting. I spend all day long making information digestible for a variety of different audiences, and this above all else is what scares Twitter the most... the ability to syphon away moderates towards supporting President Trump.

Twitter knows what they're doing. They want to bankrupt me. They want to put me out of business and make me not exist. They've deleted nearly 250k tweets of mine so far, and at least 350+ episodes of my show. Their goal is to disenfranchise me and my fan base while simultaneously ensuring a history of my name doesn't exist.

But I won't stop. I won't stop because I love my President. I love my Country and most of all, I follow the path that God has set out for me. Will this ever end? I don't know. Probably? In the meantime, I'll continue to power on and broadcast my show from periscope.tv/therealhublife and post on Twitter at @dilleyshow.

God bless,

Brenden Dilley