This project was conceived and executed while my household was on lockdown due to one of my kids bringing home a case of head lice. My initial idea was to create an itching, frantic fever dream not about lice, per se, but about a distinct and more insidious affliction known as "the idea of lice". (If you've ever found yourself with power of suggestion itches while watching "Hoarders", then by default I trust you can understand the sleepless torment that comes with "the idea of lice", particularly in the early stages.) 

As the flower of my initial idea began to bloom in the handwritten pages of my journal, however, other themes and ideas began to emerge, along with a title that made me snicker uncontrollably, and so the focus of the story shifted to something else altogether. Therefore, in the finished product, there is only a fleeting visual reference to lice, and in the newer context lice represents not something that weighs on the person's mind, but rather is a stand-in for those things in life that we bloody well know demand action or remedy, but ignore altogether until they become much worse.

Although nothing about this film is random or meaningless to me, I'll leave it to you to figure out for yourself how the above-noted state of denial fits into the overall scheme, and what this piece as a whole actually means. As it is, I've already said too much - "interpretation" is the final stage of artistic creation, and is the exclusive domain of the viewer. Thus, I would never wish to deprive you, the viewer, of your sacred right to piece it all together in your own mind, and embrace an interpretation that speaks to you.