Communication model

When someone see your business, in 99% he is not trust your business. He will not buys. First he notice and confirm your presence. So in many cases, when we speak with new businesses, they think that customer not buy, but reality is customer will not buy from no one new on the market, in many cases. So first, customer ...your potential customer, just see and observes you. Not try to make him buying, you will scare him. Let him look at your presence. Next step he is getting knowledge about you. He use his own personal experience to confirm if he can trust you, if it fits with his knowledge base about the product you offer, maybe asking some questions about your business and so on. The next thing it happens inside of his brain is the process called short he makes decision from all factors if he likes you or not. Then if he likes you, he confirm his expectations and needs. If your business products, fit with his expectations about the product, like quality, type, and other psychological and physical things. Next and the last important signal happens in his mind, it is decision to trust (buy your product today or next day) or not to trust (not to buy your product). So at the end, I just want to say you, that if customer not buys your product now, or if he not communicate with your business, it doesn't explain anything...if he likes you or not...he needs time. Everybody needs time in order to make proper decision. So be patient and do not make judgement straight away when customer not makes any decision. It doesn't prove anything. In same time, never stop developing your communication model for everyday changing customer needs and market.