So, I've been thinking a lot about what I Want the channel to look like over the next year and what changes I want to make. I've been having a hard case of the burn outs with everything that youtube has shoved down our throats and all of the nonsense that I've had to put up with, the stalkers, the crazy people, the random ass restrictions and strikes, the CONSTANT identity theft bullshit, the daily scammers, it's insanity. So with that said, I'm going to be making some changes to make things more fun and hopefully more productive. My most recent video "The Star Wars Lie" is probably closer to what I am going to be doing from now on. Not so much topical coverage of entertainment controversies, but more video essays on what does and doesn't work in entertainment and how to fix the problems instead of just talking about the problems. The next subject I am wanting to tackle will be the illusion that fanbases are toxic and why that misconception exists.  I think that I have more of value to offer by going this route and...lately? It seems that a lot of channels have been covering similar content. This isn't a knock on any one channel or any person in particular, I understand the need to try and be the first person to cover a story, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to go that route. But for myself, my subscription feed has been filled with loads of videos from dozens of channels...and they're all about the same event. It's like youtube took all of the channels like mine and shoved us all into the same corner. So I see that and it makes me want to go a different route, cover a wider range of subjects and make things that have more intellectual value than just talking about the current controversies, though there will certainly still be that type of content but it will no longer be my main focus. Let's see how things go while I slowly transition and figure out this newer direction.