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Weaponized Nerd Rage
Hi, I am Weaponized Nerd Rage (Weap for short). I am a youtuber that focuses on entertainment news, controversies, and upcoming releases. I am currently creating comics and an RPG called OBSIDIAN DAWN.
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Sneaky, sometimes clever. Sometimes. Goblins receive access to posts here on subscribestar which include the Obsidian Dawn art gallery and their name included in video description credits.

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Small, crafty, vicious in large numbers. Gains access to the Private Discord server (Send an email and you will be given a link if it does not add you automatically), access to Patreon Only posts including miscellaneous reviews, as well as their name in video description credits.

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Strong and stubborn, a dangerous combination. Orcs gain access to all previous rewards but can also suggest a movie review to be added to the Subscribestar exclusive content.

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Masters of psionics and the arcane, Illithids are to be fear and respected. Gain access to all previous rewards, but can also suggest topics to be covered in either exclusive content or on the youtube channel.

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