Developing new way of thinking

Not to prove something to someone is most successful innovative thinking, if you notice. If you keep proving someone something about the strategy, or overall business operations, it is means that you do not have enough power to make decision and that is no good. If you want to move your business forward , then you need to start doing something new what you never did before. That innovative thinking comes from idea generation. You have idea and want to implement it, but then you start looking for references about this it good or not. You start talking with people, much trust to other people in business doesn't bring success. You need to have your own stamina. If you risk, then risk, without someone's opinion. The concept of this ideas can be tested. If you believe it works, then why not invest little bit before something big. That way you will reduce the risk. The next step you need to advertise your idea. Advertise I mean not spending money on something to advertise, but talking your idea to people who will be supporting your business, your new ideas, your new implementations. First they criticise you, its normal, but over time they will look on your confidence and follow...people always need leader to follow...for majority of people. The last step it is watching how your new way of thinking matching your business strategy and affect performance. While watching new idea implementation, it is advisable to use adjustments over the course, like strategy alignment or business cycle redesign. If it gives results, then why need to implement something new, or you will stay forever on the same level. New networks, money, business growth doesn't come if you comes from doing something new. And to do something new, you need develop new way of thinking. The thinking new way and doing new way comes together. That what I call...action. Only action give you results, otherwise it not happens.

This Saturday I have event on Facebook, where we will be discussing with people and you about business problems. You can talk about your problems in business. If you want, just put that you are going on event (Bestnes business page, in events ). You are welcome to meet new people interesting in business. Not adverts, no promotional, no scam. Only business talk.