Building strong brand

Position coming first in brand building. People has to recognise you somehow over others. Try to imagine if they do not know you. So, to make people know you you need to be recognised...and that is your position over other businesses. You have to have attributes...same as your personality. Some people like you, some don't like you, but that what they likes it called in business attributes. People need to like your business for something to make your business special for them. In that , I would say, mind game, where some people likes, some do not like, people want to see the benefits for them. You know something what getting them to experience emotion...even love or smile, but emotion. Brand should bring clear benefits for them and you should know how to make it work better and better over the time....people like change, you know, they want more and become better and better...that how brand helps business to grow. It grows separately and in same time, but separately...your band and your business. Brand also can be written or build from your believes and values. That should be core of branding, but over time it can shift for better. Over the time you can start branding multiple products...even in small shop can be executed many branding strategies...some of them for one type of the customer, some for another. Be multiple. The hardest and most exiting in business development it is general rule....”Never Be Satisfied”. You constantly continue developing and grow in knowledge, in side, in some type of skills...but growing and that is never ending journey in the business world.