Product is not product

In terms of the meaning product, actually not product...what actually you sell and what customers buys it is call core values. You create meaning for something and call it product. If we cut meaning into tiny bits, then after you will be able to see what you actually buy and what you sell. So lets start. You not interesting to buy something what do not have core values for you. Customer is the same. To sell something you need to create ...maybe story about the product , maybe choose, but it has to generate and explain values for the customer. That core values what you will be selling can be wrapped in something. That create additional values for the core values. It can be lets say..package or additional extra something what makes higher in value that core values and supports its value. choose how you represent this whole crafted thing to the customer. Design gives you additional opportunity to raise the price. Some customers like something...unrealistic. So jump into that. Try. That whole thing should have quality...of product, of service, of material, of communications and so on. Give this to your customer if he happy to pay for quality. More and more customers consider quality as the you can add it. What is your brand name?...well..put it somewhere...over the time that name will start making for you little bit extra. Warranty of your service should be high. Customer should trust you. Customer always have right to return. That is key services to promote your growth. And yes...I forgot last things....That everything I just told you should be inside of you.