Market structure

In order to do better trade we have to understand the market. We can not understand the big market by itself, instead we have to break it on small pieces for better understanding. Market can be easy understood by the dividing it on the countries. Each country have in general own way of buying things. Country can be divided on the regions. It is easy to study regions to understand how each region reacting to the particular product, for your knowledge. Then regions can be divided into sizes of this regions. Each size buys differently. Then market can be divided into climate zones. Each zone perform differently. Next step is dividing by the age. Each age have different preferences. This age can be divided on the male and female. It is important, because each market have different dominants, such as males spend more on one things, woman on another. Then we can divide on the family size. Each member of the big or small family usually in general act different way, but for you it is good understand because you will see the more opportunities in the business by knowing how to communicate with each of the element. Next thing it is to know what family groups your potential customers could be or what they are. This usually affects buying decisions or in general decision making processes. Then we can divide market on the income status. Each income level spend differently. Education and religion also affects market buying decisions and can be manipulated and turned into your favour, if you know the rules of the game. From this all mix we can study behaviour towards particular product, especially if we want to attract new market elements. We need to understand them at least on the level where we will be able to serve them. As greater knowledge we have in the market ..or people ...around us, then greater cash flow will be for our businesses. Knowledge today is the power. And that knowledge should make money for each of the business who share the same knowledge as the market. If market and business understand each other and have knowledge, then they have something in common, and that what create connections between people and businesses.