How consumer think

How people think, especially in business depends on the many factors and it is affecting your business. Lets say I am potential consumer and decide to make purchase in your business, the first factor what affects my decision will be age...with age we have different mental models. Then, when I want to buy something I look on my income. I cant shop to often without good income and level of the income connected with my spending. Another factor is my education what usually shift my values. Next thing in my personality will be job...many people crazy about job status and work environment program them to behave certain way. You and me know that working for someone and working for yourself is different, because it shift your way of thinking. Personality factors another is when people are have they own point of view or follow mass thinking trends. I would suggest also to look on the your risk factors and customers risk factors. It is when sell-buy decision are safe, for example when customer give you money you safe and when customer trust you that product can be returned he is safe. In business environment people in general should feel safe before making any decision or they are at the risk. If businesses will be able to build business model when customer feel safe, then product will be sold more often. All business things like making customer to buy, selling your product, promoting your product...start from your internal growth. The biggest indicator for the customer about product it is you. When he can see in you trust, then he more likely buy your product. The sale usually happen before you sell. People use they own indicators, like talk, look, perfume and so on. They trust more in reality created by them rather than in reality created by the businesses, like promotion or marketing, or another story how good is your product. They trust they own reality and that is main force to make them to buy product. The biggest advice in business here, is not sell you product...make your business environment for people...and they come back.