Growing my seed

Who is that and how it served. I cant define buyer as the human what can be measured. It is impossible. Today buyer has one preferences, tomorrow predict what he will buy impossible. But... to catch his choices possible, by study general things about people who in your business or who you want to be your buyers. You know culture, can be studied...all cultures has something general in doing things and majority of people cant control it. I know if you read this, you will get knowledge that cultures can be dominated and controlled, but...ordinary people do not think about this. They just follow the dogmas, such as “it has to be like that”. And it is same in subcultures, but in more narrowly defined “it has to be like that” way. For example in subcultures of shifted dogmas, where people believe in something. Then I think it is interesting to note here social classes of people...bellies in values they create...but it still work for your business, if you know how to serve this wide audience with different manners. I think it is good for you and me, to speak with everyone ...the way you can speak...but you need to remember...each word what you say is growing the seed. More words, more seeds. People coming to your business, you give them seed. Each one. No exceptions. You grow this seeds, with the speed of growing your business. As more you give, as more seed redistributed across of different people. And your choose message. If business not on the level what you want...maybe you give wrong seed...that is one of possibilities. Buyer can not be defined, or explained, or attracted....he comes from nowhere. I mean you can not predict it. Important only to spread the seeds....and how good or bad will be seeds spread, it is your choice and responsibility. Wish you grow your seed.