King of the system

Businesses acts according to information they have. They making choices to do business they way they want. Whole system build on the suggested system. When new information coming to the business in mainly cases it is misleading. Information itself can not be correct because it has purpose of the flow, but not benefit your business. Information usually flow from one point to another. If information travelled many points, it becomes useless, because it is not service your business purpose. In general it is useless unless you convert not meaningful information into meaningful, but you has to have systems that filter information flow and reject not useful information. Where to take information what benefit your business...probably nowhere. Nobody will not give you information what makes money, profit, benefits for your business because if it useful it can be used for the self purpose, but not for the selling or giving. You need to assembly your way vision and mission of the information around you by the using creativity to create your strategy. It is the skills. That way you will be crafting your way companies strategies towards achieving your company goals. Many books or films telling you that you need to act one way to another to achieve something. I just do not see point to listen or watching them because if they were making money, they would not talk about that. We are living in the era of the misleading information...and you is good, because if you understand the system , then you can use it for your purpose. Forget about educational books, films, your business your way...and look how other people falling someone's dreams and you living your own dreams. That how information is misleading...where people who cant create they strategies, survive, over the people who craft they strategies. The king of the system always will be on the top.