Sell the air

In many cases customer do not know what he wants to buy today. Yes, there is general knowledge as buying food, water and other general things, but.... You know you can sell the same general things in different environment, buy using different selling techniques and you will get totally different results. Customer not buying today general things, he buying your sales process, your culture...that what you give him from the product itself until he actually buys. He don't need the product. We have a lot of products on the market. He buying that tiny connections, called sales process. And you know what...many companies actually do not understand that when they advertise, when they sell, when they invest...You not sell the product....Customer coming to you not because of the product...He needs that tiny connection with you. Give him that and you will be reach. Create your business story what you will be selling at the higher price for the same product. You need to know what story you will be telling to the customer...actually...not only you, but things around your business. By giving and selling the story you will go deep in the customers mind. They will remember you and coming back. Do not just sale. Everybody sell. Do not be the business. Everybody today a business...i mean we talk about people in business world. Everybody is business...and you need to be the story who will be remembered by the customer, then you will be able to sell the air.