Making, watching or wondering

The usual businesses are who making something to happen, who watching something to happen or who wonder from everything what happen. Some companies accept environment around them and try to adapt towards it. Some make environment to react to they products. Companies who adapt environment usually design strategies towards it and plan to predict future behaviour. Companies who act proactively usually craft they strategies towards market needs. That two opportunities to act mostly used by general businesses and you need to decide, on which side you are...on acting side or adapting side. I personally think that today more interesting hybrid is where adapt strategy is good and act strategy is good. On the execution of your strategy it is good to use both of them to maintain your company balance of the money. It is important to see how your company makes money and your goals. During using this two strategies balance each of them at the time when you feel it more suitable for your benefits. It is should be mixture of aggressive strategies where you execute your way of thinking and in same time another mix of strategies where you watching how these strategies execute and maintain stability and alignments of these strategies. In unpredictable environment best reaction to make it is actual reaction, because if you will be waiting you will miss opportunity..and time you know...cost money. Even if actual reaction will be not like you expected, at least you will learn lesson with opportunity to grow.