Culture of buying

Can you view on yourself...the way you buying things in past and the way you buying the things now. Everything shifted. People become more different. They are more self-critics than before. That creates more knowledge in products they buy. People more educated. More independent. They become more widely educated...i would say huge widely educated and it keep growing. People today know what they want. That why we have so many choices on the market. Because many people want different things. And as bigger self-criticism grow, the more bigger ego of choice. Now they want weird things as no one else. In business we can attract this people buy offering specific service to everyone. In same time we need to keep our money making system up. It has to work together...customers and profit. Culture of buying is for every customer is different. For businesses to convince customer to buy his product, the culture of the business should be attractive to the level where customer will accept your business culture. And that is hardest thing, because a lot of people now more educated and more self-cultured. That barrier can be negotiated where customer will be seeing valuable benefits for him. The buying decision usually comes through narrow prism, such as simple question “What is in for me?” and then decision rejected or accepted. You cant answer the question instead of the customer, because decision should come naturally. At that point many companies doing mistake, where they suggest benefits for the customer from the product, instead asking or observing real-live buying process. Do not invest hugely in something, like buying-selling big volume of something, unless you tested small amount on the real market. See how it goes and then only risk higher. Culture of buying the things for every product are different. You need to learn different cultures for every product, in order to increase volume of trade today and then only business start growing. If you do not understand culture of buying, then you do not understand people, then people do not understand you. Simple.