Complex logic

What is in business trend will be in 2020. The answer is complex logic. Do not try to explain something that complex, if you gonna implement something in business, it doesn't has to have the grounds. Look around. A lot of business..same style, same logic...not making huge sums of money. If your brain is working unlogical and give unpredicted results, it can be advantage in business. Yes, it is creativity. Complex logic can not be predicted or calculated, but it is value is success. The more predictable you are the more copyable your all strategies, the more chance that somebody already using your strategies. What give you advantage in 2020 it is to think like nobody else think. If you reading or watching some business trends, you probably notice that many big companies in news. Everybody talk about them...about they strategies. In reality that strategies wasn't planned before, that how they success. If that strategies exist before...many would copy. But...even those big companies did not plan them. And that is the complex logic...when you have the drive achieve something, but you do not know how, but you are going and trying, then some output will appear. Maybe positive, maybe negative, but in general it can be rewarded very high with value of success. Creativity is part of this logical process, where the drive towards the goal is the main drive. The situations around the journey towards the goal is aligned towards the logical end and giving mixed output on the end. The ability to react to various situations create valuable growth for the person. It then helps to align reaction to different variations and outcomes. The more you go, the more you learn. Complex logic is that what lives inside of everybody of us. Live, learn, do.