Start and Go

Every strategy has the start. Not sure about the finish, because it is can be undefined. To know what you are doing in the business and to get something from this knowledge and this business what you have, you need to analyse the situation. This will help you to understand, if you will be able to jump into execution of the strategy you have in order to reach something with your business or not to risk. If you want to minimise little bit your risk, you need probably to plan. Planning not always good solution, because in many cases it is just wastage of time and resources, but you can little bit minimise risk or at least to double check what you are doing. Instead of planning , I would suggest to confirm with all people involved in business, your desired strategy. Even if majority answers will be not related, at least you will check for yourself and maybe redesign execution at some stages. While you will be implementing something, you will be planning and over planning few times. That is normal. It is adjustment. That why planning usually need only for double check, but not for actual planning like businesses do where they spend huge amounts of resources on activities which will be developed anyway during implementation. Simplicity is better. Start. Run. From words to actions. Then just do not forget to check outcome what situation or this activities will bring to you. Check. Redesign. Measure. Control ...and so on. In short, just take appropriate actions, if you want appropriate results. You will feel how to act in situation...or will learn how to act. In both cases not afraid to move on and do...Many people just planning...wasting they lives. Start and Go