That is basic human needs

Many products, many services...the most successful is who satisfy the basic human needs. It is only after satisfying needs, coming technology, on top services, marketing and many up-to-date innovative tools what usually we use in the business. If you know the basics what you stand for with your business, own the customer. Interesting to not how many small/medium companies coming on the market and trying to give everything to the customer. They give all latest technological tools, they spend on the latest marketing tools, they just literally push everything what is popular on the market to the face to the customer. He don't needs this. Customer first needs to satisfy his needs. Customer needs to understand that this business who stay affront of him can satisfy he needs. We forgot something...we forgot that customer do not have huge knowledge in the latest business tricks and innovations. We forgot that we need to speak with customer by using basic language, in order to be understood. With overwhelmed technological tools affront of him, customer wont buy, because you scared him. He do not understand that thing what you understand. Lets learn one rule, we all trade for the customer. We not buy from ourselves and we not sell to ourselves. We make money because of the customer. So lets speak on the customer language at the minimum first, and then only if he needs start pushing that chicky-tricky business tools on top of the product or service. Business sell the product...and that is basic human needs.