Who you are

To do the business you need to understand who you are. Many companies who do not make good trade, do not understand how to make it, because they do not know who are they. How companies can make big money without understanding value of itself. And I found many companies who just want money without fully understanding what business they making. Without understanding who you are people in business can not answer the next question...who are they customers. We expect to trade, making money, grow...but we do not know who our customers and why we call them customers. We just want the money. That is how energy throw everywhere without getting productive response. That way valuable customers are missing and wrong connections are made. When we start understanding who our customers is, we need to answer next question...what they values. Knowing the values, of ourselves, of our customers, we set up long-term relationship which is help us to build and grow our company. And only after all this questions the last and main question will be ….how is our businesses should looks like. That way we will get the customer attention, promote our interests. Grow our businesses. That way we start understanding our values, our businesses values, our customers values. Only that way, people will value our businesses and our products, because the rule of trade is simple...know your value, and you will get rewarded accordingly.