Selecting your customer

Not all customers are customers. Some customers make you spend more than others. It is disadvantage for business customers. You have to dump them. You spending more on them than you making money, instead invest this time into profitable customers and make double least more chance that you will get it. Really profitable customers usually those customers who like to be involved in your business development. Co-development can have many ways of meaning, such as advice on the trade, product improvement, constantly buying from you and so on. Customers in turn want to see more information about your business, like websites or blogs. They need constantly see that you are still alive and trading. Especially they will be happy if you are progressing. Non-profitable customers doesn't care. So in long-term they do not bring any value for your business, instead they create bottlenecks and wastage, so without compromise, just make them redundant from your business. You will be better off in one year time. Many companies doing mistake by attracting to the business everyone. In two years time 80% of them not progress or loosing trade. You cant trade with everyone. You need to know who your customer is and who is not your customer. That rule is important to remember. If you want to trade with everyone, probably you do not know value of yourself and your business. Think about it...who bring money into your business and who take.