Bringing the difference

Companies who trade same like other trade not having enough profit, because bigger same type of the companies just take out all the customers. Need to bring the difference, if you want to get noticed and increase sales. Even if you lower down little bit prices, it wont play, unless you bring the difference. Been walking today in city centre...visit some local shops. There are a lot of products inside of the one small local shops, but they wont hugely profit, because they sell the same staff as the other sale. Unless you introduce the difference. The logic is simple, if you are not different local shop, then you have limited customer base. You need to know how to differentiate yourself on the area where you trade. Selling the same at lower price wont make you millions. You need to know how to position yourself as the business who known by the wide audience. Telling 100 of people not enough. You need to market yourself as wider as possible. Businesses should be attractable and marketable on they area where they trade. Bring some value to the customer, that he cant get from the same type of the business. You need to answer yourself question...why should I buy from my business, instead of buying the same things from another. Little bit lower price wont play big role, to be nice to the customer wont play big role..and so on. Need to be something that really make you different.