I'm quite sure that most of you are already more than aware of this, but for those who doesn't, just recently Running with scissors announced "Postal 4" to the whole world ("Postal 4" is out right now via Steam Early Access).

Well, since I had a blast interviewing RWS in the past (and the fact that "Postal 4" is now a reality). I just thought for myself that it would be a good idea to do a new interview with RWS.

Long story short, we reached out to RWS for a brand-new interview, and they agreed to do a new interview with us (yay!).

So I sat down with Vince Desi (the founder and CEO of Running with scissors), and we ended up talking about everything from "Postal 4", censorship, cancel culture, SJW madness to the future of Running with scissors and much more!

And with that said, please enjoy our interview with Vince Desi ;)