Designing your business for the customer

All businesses want to sell. Not every business sell as much as possible. To maximise the sale, businesses needs to sell more products by designing sales model for the customer. He needs to know how to buy the product and why he buys the product. Sounds simple, but customers make a lot of research before buying some specific product. The easier design model of the sales, the faster and convenient sale will be. You and your customer, both need to know, how sale going to happen. Sounds simple, but under this theory a lot of things like non-verbal communications, interactions, non-predicted accidents of the first product introduction and non-controlled models of the customer-business behaviour. Business should and must design itself to the customer wide interactions. The sale itself today not happen as the sale, it is more like entertainment. Customer needs more emotions today, rather than actual product from you, because he has a lot of substitutes. The problem is here it is to make ourself entertaining more than others. Bring some freshness to the market with non-standard tools. In every business a lot of areas from where non-standard strategies could be executed. There a not things such as applying the same strategy for every business. Every business is unique and attached to one heart. Sometimes.....even bad strategies attract someone. In perfection, I can say that there are not such things as the good or bad strategy. Every strategy attracts someone. The problem only starts when we are in our minds doesn't match with what we are represent as the business and what actual outcome we are getting as the business. I don't know really who more do design...customers for the business, because they dictate what they buy and how they buy, or business for the customer because businesses sell sometimes the way what the want to sell and using sales techniques what they want to use. Every strategy has the right to be. Depend if you happy with outcome. Happiness inside of you.