Value and satisfaction

How do you know if customer choose you or your product? Maybe you will be able to sell one...two...but a lot not coming. The answer is that customer choose your competitor. Customer usually makes decision based on the value and satisfaction. If he pays more than same product elsewhere, then he will switch to your competitor, as soon, as he finds it. He wont be happy . He wont come back. You can lie customer once, or more, but when customer will find out the truth, then this lie cost you a lot, even you can lost your business. Customers satisfaction is the key of trading. Even if you advertise your company as high value asset, but it not, then as soon as people find the lie, then they wont buy from you and tell other people not to buy. The marketing message should be build correctly, otherwise it will plays against you. Value and satisfaction is the same as markets wants and needs. If wants doesn't meet expectation of needs, then dis-balance occur, and reaction is unpredictable. As we have many similar companies today, then this reaction usually negative, because customer can easily switch, so meetup with your companies values and customer satisfaction should be gentle. Usually customers values and satisfaction different to your, because you create greater image of your business , than he has. At the beginning when sale or meetup with you business t be happen, customer and you to be exchange relationship, based on the knowledge of the objects, ideas and suggested services. That is how value to be created. After that already both parties have reaction, such as satisfaction or vice versa.