What other companies offer on the market

You know...probably you understand the business...have some ideas how to run correctly. But we are living in the changing environment. Other ideas replace working before ideas. Lets check what other companies offer...how they attract customers. This is usually done through combination of various tools, such as products, services, experiences, networking, ideas...in short, everything what want customer today. I know, it is difficult to understand the customer needs, but being more unique is advantage today, because variety of choices and preferences in trend today. Customer seek variation. On the product you sell or service you sell, customer looking for more benefits like compared to your best friend “competitor”. Make him happy, offer something a little bit fresh on top what you already offering, by creating tiny element, to make customer to react to it. I don't know ...you decide what it will be...maybe your smile or talk or gift or discount...you create, there are a lot of opportunities, just want to say you need upgrade. Market is moving, and time is now, to do the step forward. Your imagination sometimes is not correct and we all need push, so do it. Customer today likes free information...and not information about your business or service, we all ignore this staff...he needs proper information. If you sell something, give constant educational information. For example if you sell apples, give educational information about how good for health to eat fruits. But not use even one letter about your business. Customer running already from adverts and direct marketing about businesses. Give him just education. Do not push to buy from you. If he will make the choice, he will buy, otherwise if you use at least one world “Buy” then chance to loose the potential customer is 80%, if you provide education, then you unlikely loose him at all, unless he do not need this product.