What customer wants

Customer wants to satisfy his needs. Sometimes he doesn't know what his needs is. The needs can be dictated or they initiated according the situation or environment. The wants usually formatted in the mind of the customer, when he makes decision to buy the product. This wants or needs can be classified as market demand. It can not be predicted, otherwise it can only be tracked. Usually, businesses try to forecast market demand, but it is game and outcome usually 50 on 50. The market itself can give motive to the customer, but reaction unpredictable. Usually high spending adverts have success, but for small and medium businesses, it is difficult. The demand usually comes from peoples values and satisfaction. If the people know why they need particular product or service, they will buy it. In the case if the product perfect, but not know anybody, the sale unlikely happen. Give time to promote your small/medium business to the wider audience, because customer need to know you first plus offer something unique on top of the standard existing service or product. The next thing is if customer already has particular interest in particular market, then he will buy more faster related product. Therefore as more you relate your business to the particular market , as more faster you will get outcome. Sometimes small/medium businesses do not grow because they do not know what market they customer is and how they buy. Need to study variety of markets around your business, in order to create business image to promote it for the wider audience or multi-markets.