Building marketing systems into your business

For many companies marketing is the key element of the growth. Marketing systems should be built in the businesses to the depth. Even your customer when he makes purchase, he should marketing your product. It is possible to achieve that, because more and more people wanted to be attached into something meaningful. Maybe they do not want to create...but we are living in era of consumerism, where people just want to take, instead of giving. And it is ok for real businesses, because we should adapt to the market demand. More energy need to create the product, rather than just get this product from the market shelve. Businesses, who are successful today and progressing, they adapt to market changes, they listen customers, and I think it is key of the market motive, because it is hard to rebuild the market structure,easier to adapt to it. Marketing strategy should be designed to the customer needs. If customer need, give him. Give him as much as possible for free, that way you will attract more customers. Give him until you will not create demand for your product, then start thinking about how you will be pricing it. Construct your marketing strategy, listen customer, how he reacts to your marketing strategy, learn from it. That knowledge is very useful, because it will bring you experience to progress to the next level. Create profitable marketing structure. You create...nobody will not do it for you, because you understand only what is your customer and how he react to your business. Then again, track the market reaction and use this data. Always speak this way with the market. Listen it. Feel it. You will start growing when you learn how to listen the market and answering with your business reactions.