We just delivered this message to our Stars.

"Dear Star,

As you already likely know, the payment processors that we have been using for over a year have just canceled their services with us. We stand firm in our resolve that we will not use PayPal in any shape or form in the foreseeable future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

At this time, your supporters cannot donate or subscribe to your account. Given this unfortunate and very temporary situation, we added the ability for new users to subscribe for free. If this interests you, please utilize a $0 tier to take advantage of this option.

These payment processors nebulously claim that we have not complied with their policies. PayPal has not given us any further explanation whatsoever. Stripe has frozen our funds and given us 14 days to reshape our business model beyond the point of any business sense, quoting the following:

"Aggregation involves accepting payments on behalf of other individuals/entities and obscuring the payout of these funds. We can’t support this type of setup because it prevents Stripe from screening these individuals/entities for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other prohibited activities..."

They further demanded that we remove sponsored content that they find objectionable.

We are certain that our customers would not support the options that Stripe has left open for us; therefore, we have refused to comply. We are instead working towards integrating other payment processing options. A large percentage of the monies held by Stipe never reached our bank account, but this will not affect your balance as we will use our personal and company funds to fulfill the payouts, if necessary.

In providing this update, we ask that you stay calm and rest assured that all of your monies will be paid to you promptly upon request. We will be enabling payout via bank info from your Payout page and can assist you in entering the required information if you so need.

Truly yours,

SubscribeStar.com Team"


to our great supporter and a person who actually proofread this letter -

Caryn Ann Harlos

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