Books for Blacksmiths

The Cosira books are, in my estimation, a very solid purchase no matter the subject.  In this case, their Decorative Ironwork is one of those blacksmithing books I'm happy to recommend.

I'm a sucker for the older style of writing and while the photographs might not be as amazing as what we could do today.... they are still fantastic!

Best of all, this book gives you actual measurements.  It's rare to find recipes because so many people today are stuck on this notion of just going with the flow and doing what you want.  This, of course, makes it impossible to judge works because there isn't a standard to measure by.

This is an intermediate level book, I think.  The projects require a level of familiarity with the processes of the smithy.  Anyone who completes these projects will certainly have bragging rights and it's been a longtime desire of mine to start at page one and simply forge every project between the covers.  Maybe that'd make for some good content?  Interested in seeing something like that?

It would certainly be a very good learning experience.  The projects might not be something you need for your home or a customer, but they would look fantastic simply as wall decorations.  If you do good work, let your work speak for you.

Decorative Ironwork is a valuable asset to have in your personal library.  Usually found online for less than twenty dollars delivered to your door, it's one of those purchases that it is hard to argue against.  It provides very simple, clear instructions, with photographs and measurements so you can check your work.  While the projects might seem daunting, being able to successfully forge even a small element from each project will pay dividends in your smithing career.