∆∆∆ Reflection on my inner worlds and my past experience reminds me of the impact that journaling has had on my life. As with most spiritual practices, they are cumulative. I consider journaling a spiritual practice of the highest order, and why I have pinned this post. This is my Go-To practice that requires little effort to get started. But when I mention this to people that I think could benefit from it, here’s what I notice. They don’t do it! I’ve spent years prodding people to do three simple things to get started.

1) Go out and purchase a journal that suits your needs, matches your energy, and is probably a little more expensive than you might have thought. Sure, you can get a spiral notebook or some loose-leaf pages, however, I find that when I have a well-bound and elaborate decoration on the cover, there’s already energy infused within the blank slate.

2) Get yourself a blue pen that will only be used for this specific exercise. Sure, you can use whatever you want, but there’s a secret in the blue penmanship that most fail to grasp. Trust me on this. I also recommend that you start with handwritten journaling before you consider the conversion into a digital copy. In time, you can switch to digital journaling if you wish, but I strongly recommend building the pathways from head to heart, to hand, and back through the page from eyes and into the head again, before closing with the saturated gratitude of the heart for taking the time to expand your awareness and self-love through conscious writing.

3) Commit yourself to a daily entry, perhaps even two. One could be upon first waking up, as this is a time when you are somewhat between worlds. You’ve just come out of dream time and as you awaken to your daily routine, there are energy flows that you can capture before any outer influences in your day have any chance to distract you. I personally enjoy writing down my dreams, if I can remember them, and then setting an intention, or tone for the day. With gratitude and an acknowledgment of the abundance of life and gratitude for yet another opportunity to create another day that is in alignment with your vision. The other, or second entry could be a release or surrendering process to release and integrate the energies of the day before we prepare for your bedtime routine. It’s here that I write down any accomplishments, difficulties, or improvements that I feel need to be acknowledged. I try not to fall into plans for tomorrow, for tomorrow will come of its own accord. Discipline leads to freedom, and as with most spiritual practices, the benefits are realized when we make promises to ourselves and keep them. Our word, even to ourselves, is more important than most realize. If you can’t trust yourself to follow through with activities that fall in line with your highest values, how can you expect others to trust you when you’ve stated your best intentions in regards to others? ∆∆∆

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