What my file prep looks like before upload
A few days ago, I finished 9 different versions of my celtic rope pattern frame, and now I have finished applying those frames to some sketch artworks that I did awhile ago. I used 4-5 frames per artwork in the hopes that having this kind of option diversity will help on my redbubble store. 
It took a while to both apply the frames to the images and to upload them, that is now done I have turned 9 artworks into 39 print on demand options. Well, at least that is my strategy. So far I have managed to use social media to get 78 unique views to the redbubble shop, but no sales as off yet.
With this, I am going to start making videos again after my 2 month hiatus from that and hopefully also use that to advertise. Covid bullshit in the film industry has left me with a lot of free time to do this. Sigh.