Frame Designs Galore

I decided a while ago that I want to make at least some money on the side with print on demand services. Primarily redbubble. I had had works posted on accounts for quite awhile with no sales or even traffic. So I came up with an idea to frame my works of art and photography, as most stickers, shirt designs, and such that actually sell on print of demand are just rectangles and squares... So I made the design in the top left and started going through my old photos and trying to make them work as designs. I was quite pleased with this, and made 28 designs with old photos. I have been posting 1 a day on social media as my strategy.

But the initial design did have problems. Primarily in size, it was only around 3500x3500 pixels and the next things I want to convert to merchandise this way are artworks larger than that. So rather than simply stretching it out and hoping for the best I remade it better, and instead of simply doing that... I made multiple versions at the same time. It was quite a process. I had to drastically improve my texturing know how in photoshop to do this. But now, I can have essentially 9 different products listed with just the frames changed. I'm trying to work smarter, not harder. But it felt a hell of a lot harder. It took a lot of my graphic design and artist skills to pull it off to a standard that made me happy, especially the new copper-like variants (which are actually a combination of copper texture attempts and a leather texture.)

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