Who couldn't use some GREAT NEWS right? No, let me be clear THIS NEWS COULD CHANGE! I do not believe it will, but it is one of those things that is out their in the realm of possibilities, although unlikely!

Hong Kong University, which is having a high impact currently with Omicron. This would be MUCH easier if I could figure out how to do videos or even audio, but I am going to continue to keep learning about how to elevate this platform so I can offer more than just reading about this info.

Out of the UK, mainly in London, half the admissions of Omicron were admitted for SOMETHING UNRELATED! However, due to Omicron, they are testing everyone and therefore, a % of these admitted people have been positive for Covid ( there is a high number of tests being sequenced to identify Delta vs Omicron there currently). Once they are diagnosed with Omicron, they are actually treated as a covid patient. This is what also is happening in S. Africa, except, S. Africa is very transparent about that. THEY are who discovered this variant, and while you may think just because it is Africa they are somehow lower on the totem pole of science, you would be mistaken. S. Africa has one of the most sophisticated survellience and detection systems in the world. Also, some of the worlds best scientists & they are not concerned about the severity of Omicron at all. What they are slightly concerned about is how infectious it is and therefore, you have the potential of having a LOT of people sick all at once.

So, once diagnosed in the hospital, even though they came in for something completely unrelated, they are treated as a covid patient. Can you see how this could create some major issues in regards to focus? Dr's HATE to focus on more than one problem, and what is going to happen is they are going to focus more on the Covid that is more than likely NOT actually causing any major issues, and then the actual reason the person came to the hospital will become the issue that may (or may not) get less attention. Crazy right?! They will obviously be moved to isolation rooms or just placed on isolation precautions if no isolation rooms are available ( there are only so many in a hospital that are true isolation rooms with negative pressure, etc..) and even possibly put on unnecessary medications as a precaution. That is not clear yet, the only thing for sure is the isolation due to protocol. However, you can see how this could go if I am correct in assuming some Docs may pay too much attention and put too much focus on the covid diagnosis. I just wanted to be clear on how this is going so far, because it really is not a true representation at once the media tells people this many people are in the hospital with Omicron, that is just not telling the whole story & used as a successful scare tactic. You best believe the U.S. will exaggerate even more!

Ok, so what's the great news? Well, Hong Kong University did the first real study on Omicron and even compared it in tissue samples with the Delta variant. Although, as a warned in my first post, Omicron is highly infectious, in fact, in infects AND replicates 70 X's faster than Delta which is just...WOW! Sounds bad right? Stay with me...I promised you great news!

This research took a pieces of human lung and bronchial tissue which, on a side note, is extremely impressive science that Hong Kong University created. It is called EX VITRO. Most studies are either done via computer analysis, IN VITRO (in a petri dish) or IN VIVO (in life - within the body) well this is a whole new level of science taking tissue from a live body (usually for necessary reasons) and using the petri dish to do the experiement/research. It is truly genius and the definition of cutting edge. It really is amazing. ANyway, so they took these real human lung and bronchial tissue samples & infected one with Delta and one with Omicron. Delta infiltrated the bronchial lining all the way to the actual lung tissue lining & eventually into the aveoli aka the small 'balloons' inside our lungs responsible for proper gas exchange ( O2 & C02). This was expected of course, but still important data.

Next, they took Omicron and it took to the bronchial tissue lining very fast, faster than Delta, which is why we know 100% it is much more infectious than Delta. However, IT DID NOT INFILTRATE THE LUNG TISSUE LINING!!!!!! It did not make it past the bronchial lining. In basic terms, this is bronchitis, when a virus digs in, replicates and causes a cough, after roughly 7 days the virus is done replicating and now you are left with the inflammation which is all bronchitis is, inflammation of the bronchi. Annoying as hell, but nothing severe. This can get very tough for chronic asthmatics or those with intrinsic asthma, which is basically when someone gets asthma symptoms due to triggers like weather, exercise/exertion, infections, and stress. Yes, stress is a HUGE factors we WILL be covering in depth because you NEED to understand how much it is impacting your health every single day!

Anyway, this truly is great news and I am not claiming this can't change. I am not claiming nobody can die from Omicron. I am not claiming ANYTHING AT ALL! I am merely sharing the FIRST proper science done on this variant and explaining that this science correlates with so many other scientists, including the S. African scientists who initially discovered this variant - Sikhulile Moyo, the laboratory director at the Botswana-Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership and a research associate with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, headed the team that identified the omicron variant.

Here is the update and the first research to come out:

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