They can’t stop the signal- whether Europe or Michigan, get your Dreamkeepers fix from official Vivid Publishing dealers right this moment.

Mancoin is at Eurofurence, and Bone ‘n Chad are at Michigan Comic-Con, the sole counter-culture renegades undermining a legion of Disney-owned content.

Launched just this year, the Vivid Dealer System is already spreading our nefarious reach across the globe. 

But we’re still raiding some conventions in person- catch us this year at MFF, Furry Migration, and more. (Full list- )

Plus those events may play host to some new fun- Skirmish just delivered to all backers:

Regardless of delays or obstacles, one must deliver to backers. It is the crowdfunding blood oath.

Now that the pact has been fulfilled, we are unleashed! Limited first-edition deluxe boxed games, foil-printed plus size cards, Strategy Guides, everything will be unvaulted during our fall 2019 convention tour.

See us on the road, and get ready to play some glittering, beautifully produced games alongside your award-winning comic and novel experiences. 

With new authors signed to Vivid and the Task Force forming, Volume 5 will be on the fast track as we bring you more new content. 

While culture rotates around endless Disney takeovers and cyclical reboots, we’ll be bringing you the Vivid stuff. They can’t stop us, because they can’t stop you. 

Keep your eyes open.