COSMOS PURITY rebuild post 001-002

i'm a little late to the party for putting posts up here, so i'm going to combine 2 posts from elsewhere together since the people here will be new to this. i'll also explain some context.

this game, found here ( was dead for a year after a bugged prototype ground progress to a halt. said prototype was finally nuked from orbit, knocking progress into rebuild and improvement. the original assets are now being assembled back together with several new tricks ive learned in the year since then.


-main menu

-hanger level

-new imperial army inserted again but not yet textured

-work begins on the central UI stalk. At a bare minimum, the model is back in, and proper movement has been added. Next step: text parts, texture, switching visibility on the various attached cursors.

-ice level being rebuilt. Land models placed but not yet textured. New environment effects to be added.

-spacehulk level being rebuilt. Land models placed but not yet textured. The sun design in this level got some tweaks made with a new build direction. Several environment effects not yet added


-elements on the main menu were reworked and rebuilt. added a couple prop spaceships, lighting was changed, and the news headline scripts were improved on from before

-massive hangar level change. team select is no longer a 3 choice menu but a move and select deal

-this new system allows for more then 3 factions to exist, so I'll be adding more teams into the prototype. Final army count: 8

-faction select now has a more extensive display menu. Move over a faction, and you’ll see its logo in full scale, plus a full, complete army list. This should provide more information to the player before army selection.

-there’s no way I can show this in screenshots really, but mouselook movement was added for visual ease, and to make UI stalk rotation a lot cleaner/more natural. I sort of attempted to rig up the mouselook as a “joystick” back-and-forth movement control, but that idea turned out to be too slippery and nauseating, and was therefore immediately scrapped.