Underrail Expedition Review | Subterranean Loading Screen Simulator™
If pain makes us grow, Underrail makes me rock solid.

I convinced the devs to put it on sale.
Should be *fairly reasonable* in price for at least a week I hope.

You can grab the bundle on steam for cheaper:

Or on GOG for a bit more (but with the benefit of no DRM):

Here's a little character builder to help you plan out a character.
But most of all I think it helps to read how other people build their characters.
I'll see if I can send snippets of my characters and some decent starting builds later on. 

As an aside, my bad for delaying this any longer than absolutely necessary. Hopefully I'll be back to a tighter, consistent schedule shortly. 
I say it often because it's true: I'm very blessed to be able to do the things I do. So remember to smack me if the quality ever slips.
Thank you for all of your support. Please be safe and take care out there.