And welcome to a world of extreme misery and pain.........

This is my very first post on SubscribeStar. 

Allow me to humbly butcher an overview for you about this dangdingly thingly.

My name is Pixlexia. I am a digital artist of anime and manga who has sorta developed a miserable style of my own (kinda) over several years. I don't have tons of skill, I dont have schooling, but I do have a ton of HEART. 

This place is here for any of my friends to support me in whatever way they can as I go along. The money made here will go to basic survival in a cold and cruel world. It'll also help me make sure that I have and maintain all the tools of the trade, programs, etc, and maybe if I have enough I'll use the money to get better at doin the drawing like thing. 

I'll be drawing and posting things I want. I'll be trying to draw and post things you want. 

The endgame is to snap into existence (see what I did thar?) enough brain power to take the stories in my head and turn them into full blown manga with your help at some point. They'll be accessible here in digital form for the eye consumption, and I may even try to go beyond and crowdfund for physical manga/comic thingies. 

I'll update you about everything as I can to make sure you are in the loop, unless I happen to melt into a puddle of goo and cease to be a human, in which case I'll either disappear or have a contingency plan to have someone be able to post a final post. Which is sad and morbid and lets not thing too much on it!

Well, for now, I'll go, and once I think up a schedule and info to go with it with my lack of braincells, I will toss out another update with the utmost blobberness. (I don't know what that means...)

Till then, have some examples of my work!