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Lame artist for 20 something years.I like drawing.I have like... humor, but its a bit weird, I mean, I AM weird so thats a thing.
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This is the cover page of the digital manga I am writing called "The Demon of Red".

This story takes place on a world that is separated by a great barrier, one that sections up the world into several pieces.

In on such area of the world, there was once a demon that plagued the lands, terrorizing the people as it ruined cities, breaking families and absorbing life.

Something inhuman eventually came along and ended the threat, their own life was a sacrifice to end the suffering.

Hundreds of years later, a young woman's inhuman body was found by a brilliant mind, just as rumors of demonic activity begin to stir up all over.

This story is to be a one shot manga book, a chapter at a time. It will be available at the $1 tier, with other things like concept art and extras being available at the 5$ tier. 

Depending on the success of this manga, I will continue it with one more story arch that I have written down for it, or move on to another story I have been writing along side this one.

I thank everyone for their support!

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Humble Leedle

A humble leedle you are to grace me with a singular dollar.

This tier is just a "hey, have a dollar" tier. Of which, you are so kind to give me. This is just a basic support tier. You'll get most content in this tier. Every bit will be appreciated, and will mean more than you know, because any support at all from anyone is more than I could ever ask for.

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Gimmie FIVE!!!

A high five you dork!

Okay, fine, I'll take an actual 5 as well. Mostly because I love you and I accept your gifts.

This tier will get access to pretty much everything. They'll be allowed to throw their weight in polls when I start doing them, general chit chat- and if I make a discord, I'll let my fivers on up hop right in.

This tier will also get direct downloads for my art (assuming it matters to anyone), once I figure out how to get that worked out.

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The Sketchy Tier

Okay, this one is the first one that will get personalized. This tier is the one to be in if you want me to sketch something out for you. Can be a character, an idea you have in your head that you want me to run with, etc. Sketches will be in black and white and penciled out to the fullest extent I can (still digital of course) should I find the time to do it. I may even select one at random to fully ink out in black and white in manga style.

This tier is limited to 15 people for now. It may change depending as I settle into things.

This tier gets all the same access as the ones before it.

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Commission Tier

Okay, this tier is gonna be a bit weird until I can get it settled in.

FIRST, this tier will be subject to change depending on workflow and ability. Ill try to complete all work in one month. If there is an issue I will let you know.

Second- be gentle. I'm still new at this. Once you subscribe here I will send out an email so that we can discuss things for the commission, as well as the terms of the commission.

Third, if you subscribe to this commission, get out of it and if you want go to a lower tier. This is because I will only do one commission tier per person for now, but you'll be allowed back in like every 3 or 6 months depending on the demand. This ensures other people can get commissions and I keep my workload relatively sane.

I can refund this tier, but not after I have finished work. If you stay in this tier when you should have gotten out after getting a commission, I will give you a week to get it refunded.

Anyone who hits this tier is amazing and just know that I think you have the loveliest kneecaps. And if you don't have kneecaps, well... That sound terrible and I wish you the best.

Commission deets: One character Work with you to choose a pose Work with you to choose a reasonable background Can and will help you develop ideas and such

Limited (2 out of 10) subscriptions
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Use this tier only once then get out, will reset every 3-6 months depending on demand and subject to change.

I'll work with you to get what you want or need done to the best of my ability.

Will work to try to hit all the best details you want done to the best of my ability.

Will try to accommodate multiple characters and such within reason.

If you stay in this tier after being in it the previous month, you will also have the 1 week notice for the refund.

This is a tier that I can work with you a lot with. So you can always inquire about what more we can do with it.

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  • Access to my art, art pages, manga (once I start tossing it out), eventual contests, etc. I'll learn more as I go on.

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Hey everyone. Just a brief ...

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And welcome to a world of extreme misery and pain.........

This is my very first post on SubscribeStar. 

Allow me to humbly butcher an overview for you about this dangdingly thingly.

My name is Pixlexia. I am a digital artist of anime and manga who has sorta developed a miserable style of my own (kinda) over several years. I don't have tons of skill, I dont have schooling, but I do have a ton of HEART. 

This place is here for any of my friends to support me in whatever way they can as I go along. The money made here will go to basic survival in a cold and cruel world. It'll also help me make sure that I have and maintain all the tools of the trade, programs, etc, and maybe if I have enough I'll use the money to get better at doin the drawing like thing. 

I'll be drawing and posting things I want. I'll be trying to draw and post things you want. 

The endgame is to snap into existence (see what I did thar?) enough brain power to take the stories in my head and turn them into full blown manga with your help at some point. They'll be accessible here in digital form for the eye consumption, and I may even try to go beyond and crowdfund for physical manga/comic thingies. 

I'll update you about everything as I can to make sure you are in the loop, unless I happen to melt into a puddle of goo and cease to be a human, in which case I'll either disappear or have a contingency plan to have someone be able to post a final post. Which is sad and morbid and lets not thing too much on it!

Well, for now, I'll go, and once I think up a schedule and info to go with it with my lack of braincells, I will toss out another update with the utmost blobberness. (I don't know what that means...)

Till then, have some examples of my work!


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