This is the cover page of the digital manga I am writing called "The Demon of Red".

This story takes place on a world that is separated by a great barrier, one that sections up the world into several pieces.

In on such area of the world, there was once a demon that plagued the lands, terrorizing the people as it ruined cities, breaking families and absorbing life.

Something inhuman eventually came along and ended the threat, their own life was a sacrifice to end the suffering.

Hundreds of years later, a young woman's inhuman body was found by a brilliant mind, just as rumors of demonic activity begin to stir up all over.

This story is to be a one shot manga book, a chapter at a time. It will be available at the $1 tier, with other things like concept art and extras being available at the 5$ tier. 

Depending on the success of this manga, I will continue it with one more story arch that I have written down for it, or move on to another story I have been writing along side this one.

I thank everyone for their support!