1.  Wait.
      - Please wait until the next the sending reward day. I’ll send the reward around 2nd - 5th of each month
2. Getting the reward.
The reward will send on to your email directly. (The reward will send on next month as you start to start to be my subscriber. ) 

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me directly on the Subscribestar message or any social platform.

1.  Q>What's a different picture I get from Novice, Grade 1and 2?
      A> The picture you will get from the Novice and Grade 1 is any picture that I draw in each month, This includes the doodle pic, the event pic or other character what I draw. Grade 2 is the illustration for SHIN, This could be a landscape or portrait what relate to my manga "SHIN"
2.  Q> I see the sending reward post buy why I still don't get the rewards yet?
      A> Try to check at Junk section in your email first if you still can't find, please PM to me.
3. Q> How can I read the previous episode?
     A> You can buy them on Buymeacoffee via Credit/Debit card. You can check out for more details here