How does this page work?
I'll create a folder for each reward for each month like these below,
- Illustration > I'll create on the first week of each month. If I have a new during the month, I'll update them in this folder.
- Paint Step > This folder for the step of full illustration. I'll start since sketch until the finish work step.
- Speed paint > This folder for posting Clip video speed paint
- PSD file > You can get PSD unmerge file here!
*Illustration folder will create on the first week of each month, other will create on the last week of each month because I have to do more video process.*

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me directly on the Subscribestar message or any social platform.

1. Q> Is there an NSFW version?
     A> Sorry, this is the SFW page so there's no NSFW at all.
2. Q> Why I can't see the new contents that you post on Twitter or other social platforms?
     A>They may in the process. The pic that I post on Twitter, they can be just a sketch. The full version will be sent here on the last week of each month.
3. Q> The post will be available forever?
    A> No. Every post will available each month only! You should download them all each month. This to be fair to all members. xD

4. Q> How can I read my original manga?
     A> You can buy them on Buymeacoffee via Credit/Debit card. You can check out for more details here

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