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Well, we are going to discuss a topic that we have talked about on this channel for months – the development of a true fascist state. We will analyze Libertarian Dave Smith’s appearance on Fox News where he actually brings up the Biden Admin embrace of Mussolini’s economic fascism – Corporatism.

Then – we are going to talk about the Australian Health Ministers mention of the New World Order & we will discuss the truth regarding the one world government.

We will finish up by reviewing a chapter out of Klaus Schwab’s book – The Great Reset.

This book and his book from 2016 regarding the 4th industrial revolution are acting as manuals on how they are going to implement their reset agenda. After re-reading the book, I believe it is time to go over some of the finer details and discuss how they are making a conscious choice to build this authoritarian system.

Part 1 – Economic Fascism (Discussing Libertarian Dave Smith’s Appearance On Fox)
Part 2: Truth About The NWO begins at 6:30
Part 3: Reviewing A Chapter From Klaus Schwab’s Book begins at 17:45