Thanks for stopping by!

First things first...during the first month or 2 we're going to open nominating on the polls to everyone regardless of subscription tier. Once the subscriber base builds up a bit we'll go to the nominating/voting tier structure and we will decide when that happens together! This is your community and subscribers will have a HUGE voice in what is done here.

That being said, I want to explain a bit about why I'm doing this and what it means for the future of the community. First, the youtube channel is not going away -- we'll still be doing Dawn of Titans content, public livestreams, etc. Zalon and I will still be doing Rift of Raigard when that comes out -- But I'm having a bit of a philosophical disagreement with the direction that YouTube is going. I do not think it's fair for them to take 30% of all revenue (and that includes Superchats, which is why I never turned it on) and their copyright strike/claim/dispute policy is downright insulting to creators. I also want to branch out into other games on PC and mobile. I still enjoy DoT but there are lots of other games we can play! I'm still going to be part of NTG with Apok and the rest of the guys...nothing there will be changing.

So I did some research and decided that SubscribeStar makes the most sense...SS takes about 9% total (it varies a little, anywhere from 8-10%) but the main reason I picked SS was their "no censorship" policy. Also they have a referral program that you guys can be a part of and earn some money for yourself! You can make one-time donations through SS after your are a monthly suscriber, or use the Streamlabs link ( Streamlabs takes a small cut as well but it's nowhere near the 30% YT takes, and Streamlabs powers my livestreams so I don't have an issue with them taking a small amount. I'll be using the Streamlabs link for livestream donations instead of YT Superchat and it will still give a pop-up on screen, etc.

Second, let me explain what happens to the money. 100% of your subscription fees will go back into the community here - I'm not making a salary from this. I've been blessed, have a great job that pays well but I've been looking for a way to have a bit more fun with the community and give you guys a better and more professional experience. As a subscriber you will be able to help decide where/how the money is allocated. Again, I want to be clear and transparent about the money -- exactly ZERO DOLLARS will go into my pocket.

Giveaway Fund - once the subscription total reaches $150 I will request a withdrawl from Subscribe star ($150 is the minimum distribution amount). Some of that will go towards purchasing a prize for the giveaway -- and I'll let you guys vote on what that is. You can see where this is going...the more subs we have the bigger the prize! So we can give away a gift card, some cool gear, gift games on Steam -- whatever you guys want!

General Fund - The rest will go towards the General Fund which will be used for game purchases/gear upgrades/tech review gear/etc and you guys will get to help decide what is purchased and when (and we will give some of that away as well).

Some things I still need/want to acquire -- You guys get to decide to put General Funds towards these purchases or not.

SubscribeStar Referal Program - I thought this was a cool idea. Basically, YOU guys can earn some extra cash by helping us get more subs. Here's a link to the details ( but basically it works like this: 1. Sign up for the program (they give you unique referral links to share) 2. Get people to sign up as a Star or just be a subscriber of a Star 3. You will earn a percentage off each Star or Sub that signs up (details in the link) It's not ever going to be a lot of $, but every little bit helps and it gives you guys an incentive to share the page and help us get more subs. Remember, the more subs we have the more $ we have for contests and giveaways!

If you are still reading, thank you! Now I have a favor to ask. Give me some feedback, please! Is this a dumb idea? (be mean, I can take it) What would you like to see on the channel? What games to you want us to play? What platforms work best for you (Discord, Band, etc)? Are the subscription prices too low (Most people who do this start at $5 and go from there, I wanted it to be a minimal amount so more people can participate). Are you guys interested in seeing any other type of content?

Some things I plan on doing: 1. A shoutout to new subs during the first 5 min or so of each livestream 2. Scrolling all the sub names at the end of every video (like movie credits) 3. Taking requests from subs and letting that drive the content/direction of the channel 4. Starting a private Discord server for subs only 5. Setting up a special email address for subs to contact me 6. If any of you guys are subs and want me to pop on Discord during your livestream or colab on a video, I will do that as long as I have prior notice (last minute stuff doesn't work very well for me, sorry). 7. Subs to the higher tiers can request that I make specific videos using the test accounts I have in as long as it doesn't violate my NDAs.

Send me a message on here! I will do something special for the very first subscriber!