Dr Robert Epstein proves he can shift public opinion by filtering search results

In randomized, controlled, peer-reviewed research I’ve conducted with thousands of people, I’ve shown repeatedly that when people are undecided, I can shift their opinions on just about any topic just by changing how I filter and order the information I show them. I’ve also shown that when, in multiple searches, I show people more and more information that favors one candidate, I can shift opinions even farther. Even more disturbing, I can do these things in ways that are completely invisible to people and in ways that don’t leave paper trails for authorities to trace.

By "filtering and ordering" he means in search suggestion and in search results. His work on the Search Engine Manipulation Effect has yielded some astonishing results.

Epstein is one of the world's foremost researchers who study influence online. Focusing on Big Tech, Epstein's work is groundbreaking.

If you've never heard of it before now, then maybe there's a reason for that.

In this article, Epstein shows how it isn't the content that's the problem, it's the company that decides what you see.

When it comes to elections, might this meddling be considered treasonous?