Wikipedia identifies "wrongthink"?

Notice the red colouring over the profiles of each of these (politically Right-leaning) commentators in the photos attached to this post. Is that a new thing?

These were sent to me by my research partner, who, prior to sending them over, checked a bunch of commentators and politicians from both sides. As a dual validation, I did the same thing and went looking, in the US and in the UK (both of these people were born in the UK). It appears that Paul and Stefan have been targeted for some reason.

Are the red markings flags of "thought criminals" as they say? Are they indicators of people who may be deplatformed, or who are at risk of being deplatformed? Are they indicators of something else?

Maybe the red is a warning to stay away from these people, something you register in your subconscious mind and wish to stay away from.

Whatever it is, as far as I've been able to tell, these stripes are not:

  • indicative of political alignment (e.g. if it denoted a political alignment, you'd at least expect it on Donald Trump)
    • applied to already de-platformed commentators, like Milo Yiannopoulos or Alex Jones
    • applied to other popular streamers, like Pew Die Pie
    • applied to most commentators
    • used in any other colour, blue or grey, or otherwise, on anybody that I've found

Looking through Wikipedia's rules, guidelines and templates, I've similarly been unable to find any material that indicates when or where these ought to be used.

If you see any other pages at Wikipedia with coloured stripes in the profiles (red, blue, grey, or otherwise), please comment with links to let me know. And if you find the Wikipedia rules about use, please also let me know - maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot.