Just finished a new video - Check it out if you have some time and are interested in the topic!! https://youtu.be/qV9YSNE5wQs

This video is taking a look at how Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050, The Great Reset & The 4th Industrial Revolution began. In 1972 MIT released a report indicating that society would collapse by 2030 and it appears that everything we are dealing with today is a consequence of that report.

I believe it is the first reference to their timeline, the first call to world governments to enforce strict control over the economy and populations. They called for this to control resources and started us on the path towards tyranny.

We will cover a lot in this video and this includes what each agenda entails. We will also cover what the 4th industrial revolution is and how it is incorporated into the plans for the future global system.

We will also discuss the psychological aspect to the plan. How the masses are following the same mob mentality that has contributed to major historical hysterias and we will also touch on the severe consequences of emotional manipulation by the media.

They are attempting to crush the human spirit, limit free will, and lock down humanity forever.