As difficult as this time has been since the June 29 attack in Portland, I'm in awe at the outpouring of support from friends, followers, and especially strangers. Despite the pain and speaking challenges I'm suffering from a brain hemorrhage, I'm forcing myself to not remain silent because the public must become aware of the criminal brutality of this far-left militant movement calling itself "Antifa." They don't just attack the right, they also seek to destroy liberal democracy and the free press.

The original fundraising campaign that Michelle Malkin kindly started for me while I was hospitalized, is now over. Thank you all for standing by me. I will use those funds first for my medical costs and therapies. I am also committed to setting aside a portion of these funds for the legal effort that is now launching. 

In addition to holding to account those responsible who assaulted me, organized the violence, and helped facilitate it, there is a much longer legal challenge ahead. Systemic issues of governance and policing stem from the upper echelons of Portland's leadership. Violent anarchy on the streets has gone on too long, unchallenged, under this city’s failed governance. If you are able, please consider joining me on this next, legal part of the journey by contributing at the following link: